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Apatite - #17

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Apatite, the most abundant phosphate on Earth, is ubiquitous in the lithosphere and in vertebrates of the animal kingdom. Because it forms large colorful crystals, this toothsome mineral is among the most prized species populating mineral collections worldwide. Commonly confused with other minerals, Apatite takes its name from the Greek word aπasάω, meaning 'to deceive.' This collector's compendium explores in luscious color the science, history, localities and culture of Apatite - the Great Pretender.

Contributions by: John Hughes, Glen Waychunas, Bob Martin, Jordi Fabre, Carles Curto, Carl Francis, Don Dallaire, Alfredo Petrov, Jaroslav Hyrsl, John Rakovan, Peter Megaw, Kim Tait, Michael Bainbridge, Phil Scalisi, Dudley Blauwet, Luiz Meneses, Stefan Meier, Dmitri Belakovski, Bert Ottens, Rhian Jones