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Bolivia - #12

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From its mineralogy to its landscape to its personalities, Bolivia is an enigmatic place where anything can and does happen. For centuries, Bolivia's mines and minerals have influenced its history, attracting conquerors, inciting wars and unrest, and making a few men obscenely rich. Bolivia is an impoverished country, which hosts rich resources. It is home to some of the world's most inhospitable climes, which are populated by a warm and colorful people. The richness of this land of extremes transcends material wealth, proving irresistible to a cadre of artists, outlaws, adventurers, scientists, and mineral collectors. Welcome to Boilvia, the height of mineral collecting!

Contributions by: Jaroslav Hyrsl, Alfredo Petrov, Robert B. Cook, Rock Currier, Anthony R. Kampf, Suzanne Liebetrau, Lauren Megaw, Bill Smith, Carol Smith, Terry Wallace

Edited by: Robert B. Cook, Suzanne Liebetrau, Guenther Neumeier, Gloria Staebler

Illustrations by: Michael Bainbridge, Daniel Beams, Dan Behnke, Joe Budd, Michael Canoy, Rock Currier, Frank de Wit, Jordi Fabre, Mark Garcia, Tino Hammid, Jaroslav Hyrsl, John A. Jaszczak, David K. Joyce, Anthony R. Kampf, Brian Kosnar, Saul Krotki, Jesse La Plante, Gary Moss, Bendeguz Nagy, Guenther Neumeier, Tony Peterson, Alfredo Petrov, Mark Pirlo, Jeff Scovil, Terry Szenics, Harold & Erica Van Pelt