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Piece Count:
504 - If 500 is good, 504 is better!

The first known use of the word ‘trippy’ was in 1968.  ‘68 also brought us ‘light-emitting diode’, ‘Alt key’, and ‘Fu Manchu mustache’. 

When we first clapped eyes on the final rendering of this specimen captured at 300 microns, we said ‘Holy hell but that’s gorgeous!  That would make a trippy puzzle!’ 

So, if falling into a disco Christmas of polka-dot crystals and emerald green sprinkles sounds like the perfect trip... then this is the puzzle for you - Mr. or Mrs. Fu Manchu.


World Time Record: 13hrs. 29 minutes.  Currently held by Anonymous 

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    Proustite puzzle

    Posted by Arlea Ashcroft on 16th Jan 2019

    Let me just say straight off the hop, I dislike puzzles. It's not my thing. To me puzzles are akin to trying to pull a teeny tiny sliver out of your big toe while wearing oven mitts while being swarmed by mosquitos in a swamp. I'd rather hack off my foot and hop for cover. But I ordered this puzzle partly because it's an incredible image, and partly because I thought the puzzle was called Prostitute. Which spoke to me... but I digress. This puzzle is just beautiful and satisfying. The image is gorgeous and all the pieces like a buffet of delectable candy. Candy you can't stop eating. Just one more piece and then I'll stop. Two hours later I was still puzzling. It took me about 12 hours over 5 days to complete this masterpiece and I feel like I deserve a prize. Well I guess the prize is this gorgeous image. It's truly beautiful, rich and lush. You want to dive into this magical image. I appreciated the box design as well. It was easy to prop the box up like a menu card for reference and the fact that the image is printed bold and crisp on matte paper made it easier to discern the very intricate details. I may have to order another one to feed my puzzle nerd. Kudos to you for making me a believer in puzzles!