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Rainbow Pyrite

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Piece Count:
1000 - Don't forget to pay the hydro.

In the world of puzzlers, there’s the weekender, the ‘it stays on the dining room table until it’s done’, and the hard core ‘I only do 2,000 pieces or more’ types.

We’d like to introduce another category: The Obsessive Neurotic.

For that hard core enthusiast, we have just the ticket for their cray-cray train.  

Clocking in at 1,000 eye shatteringly beautiful pieces, the druzy crystal formations and colour of this Rainbow Pyrite specimen will put even the most ON puzzler through their paces.

We call this one ‘don’t forget to pay the hydro’ for a reason.

World Time Record: 69.5 hours.  Currently held by Debbie Lillico Bill, Ottawa, Ont.


Seriously, do not buy this puzzle. You've been warned.